Friday, October 7, 2011

Monique's Tiara 21st

Arianna's Monkey

Black Damask and Beautiful Blue

Selena Gomez inspired cake for Paige

Taylor's Cars 2 inspired cake

Reece's Freo Dockers Guernsey

Roses & Ranunculus

Photo overload but this was the first time I made ranunculas....aaahhhhhhhhh love love love

Sophia Rose is Christened


Aedyn's Fire Engine

Ashleigh's Purple 21st

The Ashleigh figurine is wearing a replica of the dress Ashleigh worn on the night of her 21st party...cute hey

Ashleigh's Topsy Turvy 16th

Melanie's Shoe

Lauren's Wheels & Baby Doll 21st Cake

This cake was designed by Lauren, I absolutely loved this cake, it was so pretty.