Sunday, January 16, 2011

Holly's Pool Party

Melanie contacted me and said that they were having a pool party so would like a swimming pool cake with a girly theme, such as some girls swimming and playing with pool toys in a kidney shaped pool...this is what I came up with.  Sometimes when I delivery a cake I can be put me in a funny situation, in this case, I knocked on the door several times and no one answered, then the neighbours arrived so I asked if they would take the cake for Melanie & Holly, they did and I left hoping I'd done the right thing...haha..gulp...later that day by the time I had gotten home, I'd received two emails from Melanie, the first asking if I was delivering??  Oh NO!!..haha...then the second:
"My next door neighbour just brought round the cake. It is amazing!!! My husband was home all day but he must not have heard the doorbell.........he is in big trouble. Thank you so much for your time and effort in making such a fantastic cake!  Please do not stop making cakes as I intend to order many more cakes in the future!!!"  Melanie